Terry Dowdall wins the Simcoe-Grey Nomination

March 27, 2018

Dear fellow Conservatives,

Re:  Thank you!

Saturday (March 24, 2018) was a humbling experience.  As I listened to the speeches by the other nominees, I realized how blessed our riding is to have such strong and talented Conservatives to choose from.  I want to acknowledge and thank each one of them for the positive and optimistic tone they set throughout the whole campaign.  I look forward to continuing to work with them and draw on their knowledge and expertise.

We had a great turnout for the vote.  Almost 50% of eligible members who were able, took the time to make their way to Stayner and cast their ballot.  What a good example of democracy at work.  THANK YOU!

And now the next stage of work begins.  We need to get ready for the 2019 federal election.  We know the Liberals will be targeting our riding. Let’s keep Simcoe-Grey Conservative!  I will be calling on each one of you for your help and continued support. This is a team effort.

Kellie Leitch, our current Conservative member, has graciously extended an invitation to help ensure a smooth transition.  I look forward to working with her.

So many more Thank You’s….

  • Bruce Stanton, MP Simcoe North who acted as the Returning Officer, Bill Greenberg, Regional Representative, and the scrutineers from other ridings who ensured each ballot was accurately processed,
  • The EDA Executive and Nomination Committee,
  • The many, many volunteers who worked tirelessly on all four campaigns,
  • My wife, Colleen and family, and close circle of friends,
  • …and you, the Conservative member.

I am honoured to carry the Conservative banner forward in Simcoe-Grey.



Terry Dowdall


Twitter @TerryDowdallcpc

“Terry has been a municipal leader for almost two decades; his experience and advocacy will help Simcoe-Grey secure much needed infrastructure investment for our communities.” 

Marc Biss  

"Terry Dowdall is a great choice to be our candidate.  He is a decent man, accomplished, and he ran a great campaign. He will be a great MP and will represent Simcoe-Grey very well.  I support him 100%."

Tim Bulmer

"I congratulate Terry on his hard fought win.  I look forward to knocking on doors with him as we move closer to another Conservative victory here in Simcoe Grey"

Gillian Yeates